Mindfulness - What is it?

Mindfulness is being aware of our experiences in a receptive way and engaging in activity based on this nonjudgmental awareness. It involves a stance of curiosity and compassion directed towards present experiences.

We can grow our ability to be mindful. The following exercises help us to grow mindfulness, which will help our sleep, relaxation, attention and ability to understand what emotions are driving our behaviors. 

Go ahead and try these and contact me with questions or comments:

1.     Breathing for relaxation: Breathe in and out deeply into your stomach and notice how it feels. Breathe your breathe into various parts of your body and feel what it is like. Notice how your body feels after a few minutes of these actions.

2.     Paying attention and learning to focus: “take a long cut” by doing something wholeheartedly (full involved) and soaking in the details and sensations. Just eat, without anything else in the picture and savor every moment.

3.     Gratitude and appreciation: Practicing gratitude builds awareness of good feelings and happiness. Acknowledge the role of being a recipient of good things. You will feel closer, more loved, less isolated, helped and happier. This gratitude and its out working will impact your emotions and mood.

a.     Stop expressing self pity

b.     Amplify good memories

c.      Practice forgiveness

d.     Keep a gratitude journal

4.     Making peace with our honest imperfection: Knowing that perfection is unattainable, it is wise to affirm yourself for attempting, living and engaging. 

Even a 5 minute practice of mindfulness everyday will start to have an impact on our awareness, focus and emotional health.