Brain Restorative Sleep


Why is sleep so important?

Sleep is vital for you brain to restore itself. When we sleep we process memories, consolidate learning and regenerate our capacity for vitality and joy. Without 4-5 deep sleep cycles in the day our bodies begin to suffer and our stress response becomes inflated and more difficult to manage. Without appropriate sleep, depression, anxiety, tolerance, energy, compassion and much more can become compromised. 

How can I help you sleep?

Our in-built stress systems often get stuck on overdrive! Unfortunately we often end up compounding this problem with worry-thoughts and bad habits. Learning to build new, nervous system changing habits is critical to resilience and good sleeping habits. We can learn profound relaxation and how to trigger it quickly. On top of this we can alter thinking patterns and habits that are causing you trouble. 

This treatment is based on CBT-I, a research validated approach to sleep therapy. 

Sleep Audios

Find here the audio files I instruct clients to use as part of their sleep, and anxiety therapy.

Please Note: These recordings are copyrighted material. They are not to be distributed, copied or otherwise used outside of consent from Paul Loosemore.